Chalkboard history

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Over 40 years ago, my mom brought home this chalkboard after pulling it out of an old, dilapidated one-room schoolhouse just a couple fields over from where I grew up in Washington state. 

The farthest back I remember playing with it was when I was in 1st grade and my mom telling me that one day my own kids could write on it. I also remember going into the schoolhouse some years later, before it was torn down and having to watch my step because cows had taken up residence. By then it was just a shell of a building. We just stood in the middle of the room and my mom told me how she would love to buy it to restore.

I don't know the age of the chalkboard but it has stayed in such good shape all these years even surviving 3 cross-country moves. It's now up in the kitchen and it makes me so happy to bring a tiny bit of history of my little valley right here in my home.


*The school house was across the driveway from where my horses are standing. Mine was the one on the right, Midnight. His official show name was The Midnight Champion but I just called him Middy. My sister's horse was named Star and her show name was Star Countess. She was a big diva, being a 3/4 registered Arab.  That is my childhood home in the background on the side of the hill. It was the best place to grow and play. I was so lucky.

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  1. I remember that school house in the middle of the cow pasture--it's too bad someone didn't save it and restore it. I love that your mom saved the chalkboard though and that you have it as a reminder of that time and place. That whole area is so different now!


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