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Sunday, January 6, 2013

I have been thinking a lot lately about writing and crafting essays and stories and how I've kind of missed it.  I still have a children's book that I wrote in college with my professor's note on it saying, "I look forward to seeing this published. May I have a copy?" It's still sitting in a box. I'm not sure why I never did anything about it. It just seemed like there was always something more important for me to do but I really enjoyed the process of writing.

So this year on my blog I decided that I would explore a few more subjects that are of interest to me and share my thoughts on them. So many times I just randomly write down something so I have a post for that day. While random can be good, I'd like to put some more thought into it and maybe with it, have an easy exercise we can apply to our lives. There will still be the regular vintage finds and projects, like the cool sweater pillows I was working on this weekend, but adding a little extra could be fun.

Have a happy weekend!

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