Little excursions

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Spring-like weather in the middle of January begged us to explore so it was a perfect day to see a few things in THE District. We stayed overnight in Rockville and got up early on Saturday to hit the town. One thing I love about DC is that it's a walking town and this unseasonably nice weather made it really easy to do.

Jon took the boys to the Air & Space Museum and I took the girls to the National Gallery. Charley hadn't been there before so I wanted her to see it. It would've been more perfect if Belén could have joined us but her job made that impossible this trip. Blair had her heart set on going to Charming Charlie's (of course we did too) but that wasn't what we came to DC for. I think Jon's exact words were "You're not going to be a girl who just wants to shop all day. Let's go see the museums."

After a few minutes of complaining she realized this could be cool and pointed out some paintings she wanted to see and asked questions like, "How did all these paintings get here?" "How old are they?" She ended up loving it and asked me to take a picture of her in front of Edgar Degas', The Dance Lesson.

Van Gogh is one of Charley's favorites so I enjoyed seeing her get up close to his paintings. She turned to me with a huge grin and said, "The use of texture on his paintings is sick." Spoken like a true teenager; one that loves art anyway.

We talked as we walked around, remembering all the times I would take Belén and Charley, then ages 7 & 5 and Reese who was just 10 months, on the metro to see the city. We lived 16 miles from DC at the time and while Jon was at work, we'd hop the train and go explore, just me and the kids. I was so lucky they were all good and content travelers. Even Reese as a baby would just sit back in his stroller and enjoy the hustle and bustle. I never worried about taking them anywhere. I like to get out and see what there is to do and babies in my house would just have to like it too. Maybe too much at times; it seems I can't even go to the corner store without a car full of kids. Oh well, it makes us all happy.

After we strolled in and out of centuries of art, we met the boys for another hour at the Space museum where they were knee deep in experiments. I love that the Smithsonian has so much for them to do and I love that it's just a couple hours drive from us. Little excursions make me so happy.

1. Young Mick Jagger? photo: Charley. 2. Blair and me admiring Monet. Photo cred: Charley
3. Charley helping Trae with an experiment. 4. Reese helping Blair


  1. I don't know why but I totally got emotional when I looked at picture #2 or you and Blair with Monet's painting. Maybe it's Blair admiring her beautiful mother admiring a sensational piece of art. I just love your whole family! Quality people you are!

  2. That's the nicest thing I've ever heard, Christie! Thank you. We love you guys too.

  3. I feel a need to head to DC now:)


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