Probably the worst movie critique

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I am not a movie critic nor do I play one on my blog. Writing critiques doesn't really interest me and I don't know enough about movies to offer much of an opinion anyway. While a professional critic has merit, their overuse of words such as intoxicating, ostensible, visceral, unapologetic, and genuine sometimes feels tedious to me. Do you feel that way? I think I'm just more of a "get to the point" person.

Really, I'd rather see a little check box, "Is this movie good? Yes or No." Kinda like the notes passed to you in sixth grade from a boy named Bobby. It was suuuper embarrassing when the teacher would catch you and you had to read it out loud, though. Oh, the humiliation.

Yes, Les Misérables, I like you. alot.



  1. HI, Sometimes the best answer is a simple yes or no... I want to see Les Miserables.. I KNOW I would like it. I love that music!!!!

    Hope 2013 is a blessed year for you and your loved ones.


  2. I love the little note. We are going to see Life of Pi tomorrow, I am saving Les Miz for when I can go alone. Nobody's opinion is going to spoil it for me, I have decided I am going to love it.

  3. P. S. Could I use your little note sometime?


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