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Friday, February 15, 2013

Or...Keeping it real, or lack of planning, or whatever you want to call it...

It was the 11th hour and I hadn't gotten Valentines for Reese or Blair's classes. I am a room parent for both grades in two different schools so I was really only thinking about the snacks that day.

So with some leftover gold paper and foam hearts that I used for a church dance last weekend, I made some quick and easy Valentines. When I got to Blair's, I only had 10 foam hearts for 20 kids so what to do?

I cut them in half, each time cutting them a little differently, wrote a saying on the back, "Valentine, half my heart beats for you!" and other sayings that had to do with "Half" a heart and then stuck a Hershey's Bliss candy on the front of each side. Bing.Bam.Boom.


I told Blair to tell her friends that they should look for the person who matched their half of the heart, like a game. She thought that would be really fun and was hoping they could do it.

When she came home and I asked how her day was, she was beaming. She said they got to match their hearts and then they had to go around the room and share something about their Valentines. They all shared hers and loved having an impromptu game.

You can never go wrong with keeping things simple nor should you ever feel bad for doing so.

P.S. I guess Grant said that he and Blair "have a special friendship" which turned Blair all red in the face. Settle down there, Cowboy...

Have a great day,

The Shabby Nest

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