A juggling act

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The infrequency of posts only point to one thing...

That seems to be my juggling act. But hey, what can you do other than keep at it?

Spring is on the way! We're still a little cold in the North East but the longer wait will just make it all the better when the flowers and trees finally bloom.

Have a great day!

An teen's article on thrifting and a throwback picture.

Friday, March 22, 2013

High school newspapers have come a long way since I was in school. They are filled with well-written and insightful, current topics that are important to teens. I always like reading the paper when my kids bring it home because of that.
My daughter showed me her recent article on thrift shopping and I was really impressed with her work, and also that she gave props to her old mom! I like how she points out that in 2011, 4.2 million people were served through the Goodwill. Donations and purchases help their mission. It really is a win-win situation.
When the song, "I'm gonna pop some tags" came out, Charley said, "Now everyone's asking me for my thrift shop sources! Before they couldn't believe where I got my stuff." She has a knack for scoring vintage clothes. One of my girls' favorite thing to do is raid my stash of 80's concert t-shirts.
Think George Michael's 'Faith' Tour 1989! Yup.
And for a throwback picture, here's Jon and me at 17. I'm wearing my mom's 1950's dress and Jon is wearing the sweater I bought him for Christmas. After searching the mall for the right dress and not finding anything I liked, my mom suggested I try on one of her dresses. This was a party dress that my mom had her bridesmaids wear. She bought one for herself as well.
On the back is an attached train and the way the fabric folds over the dress at the waist it creates kind of a pocket. You can kind of see it in the picture. I remember slow dancing with my friend Shane this night and he said, "I like your dress. It keeps my hands warm!" Funny the things we remember. I also remember getting my wisdom teeth out just a few days before the dance so my face was still swollen. Uhg, the timing!
Nice small school, budget backdrop by the way, and hair styles...but the dress, it was awesome. 
When I sold off much of my mom's personal belongings, a movie set designer/photographer came and bought some furniture and asked if I had dresses but I couldn't part with them. I let him have a few hats instead because I hope the dresses make it back to a dance some day.

I'm so glad the weekend is here, aren't you? Have a great one!

Painter's tape zig zag vase - a quick DIY

Saturday, March 16, 2013

For our anniversary in 2011, we spent a weekend in DC and went to a Mexican restaurant at the Washingtonian center in Rockville. There I saw over sized zigzag (or chevron) striped pottery and wanted some of my own. Some were shaped like ginger jars and some were 4 feet tall floor vases. Ever since then I was on the lookout for large vases to spray paint. Nate Berkus came out with some last year for Target but I missed out on them.

So a while ago I found this blue green vase at the thrift shop for around 4 dollars and knew it would be great for my diy project. The color is perfect for Spring so I didn't want to alter that and commit to painting over it but I still had to have my stripes.

The solution was to spray paint Blue painter's tape and use that for the stripes as opposed to painting the vase. I unrolled a few feet of tape and stuck the end to a post on the deck while holding the rest of the roll and spraying what I had unraveled. It took about 15 seconds. By the time I walked back up the stairs to the house, the tape was dry.

I had already used the plain painter's tape to make the design on the vase so I just put the spray painted tape right over it and trimmed where it needed. It looked too thick that way so I took off the tape I used as the guide underneath and put the gold tape back in place. Because it's low tack, it was forgiving and easy to use. It's not perfect but it's temporary and I can add more rows, change the thickness of the tape and its color.

Now I'm on the hunt for more so I can do a grouping and am thinking up ways to use spray painted tape.

And until I find a more suitable place for it, I'll just let it glam up the tv.

Have a great day!

To float on your river

Thursday, March 14, 2013

“I believe in going with the flow. I don't believe in fighting against the flow. You ride on your river and you go with the tides and the flow. But it has to be your river, not someone else's. Everyone has their own river, and you don't need to swim, float, sail on theirs, but you need to be in your own river and you need to go with it." ~C.Joybell C.

As I read this quote I was instantly reminded of those lazy days of summer in my youth where my family or friends and I would grab big inner tubes and head to the Washougal River. It seemed that everyone had inner tubes in their garages, just waiting to be used for summer. I don't even know if they make them anymore.

The river water was icy cold. It took our breath away as we'd jump in. Each of us would hop up on our own tube, with our legs and arms dangling over the rounded sides and let the current take us down the river. Occasionally we would outstretch our arms and hands when another person was floating by. For a minute we'd clasp hands but as one of us was going faster than the other, we'd let go and meet up down stream.

The current was nice; neither too swift nor slow. When the current would die down at one spot we could hop off the inner tube and easily make it to shore. We'd always watch out for each other, though, to make sure no one tired or was left behind so we could start the trek all over again.

So as I read the quote, I could identify with it but I had to add to it. We are each on our own journey and must go with the tides and flow that is life because fighting against the current is tiring and counterproductive, of course. That doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't fight against something that is harmful or unjust. That would just be wrong. But for the things that are thrown at us, that we really can't control, we do have to do our best, go with it and hope that the waters calm at some point. I believe - no, I know that in those times there are people who will float out to us and outstretch their hand, clasp ours in theirs for a moment and give us strength to continue and make sure we're not left behind. Even when you feel like you are going with it, there will be someone that can relate or at least try to relate and will see what you need even when you can't. It's pretty amazing.

So let them float out to you.

A bridge over the Washougal River

Friday Finds - a little kitchen collection under $5

Friday, March 8, 2013

This round up of Friday Finds is all kitchen related. It just so happened that way. I don't usually set out to have a theme but I like it when it all relates anyway.

While I was waiting for one of the kids to come out of a meeting, I went across the street to the Goodwill and found this Orla Kiely canister which now holds my teas. I remember when these came out at Target and wished I had gotten the 3 piece set before they sold out. 97 cents was worth the wait. Even Jon thought it was cool.

Later that day I spotted an estate sale. You should never pass those up. Estate sales are usually way better than yard sales. There were a lot of things there but nothing that was of much interest to me; basically lots of collections of things I don't collect. But I did spy a folded up wooden piece. When I unfolded it, I realized it was a trivet. Love those unusual finds. They sold it to me for $1.00 and they gave Trae a Hershey's keychain. We both came away happy.

A while back as I was walking through my favorite antique mall I found this two-tiered tray and didn't hesitate. A faux bois pattern in matte gold for $3.00?? It was practically shouting my name. I bought some paper doilies and cut them to fit so it stays food-safe because who knows what type of finish is on it. I have to do some baking this weekend so it'll be full of desserts... for a minute or two.


Have a happy weekend!