Friday Finds - a little kitchen collection under $5

Friday, March 8, 2013

This round up of Friday Finds is all kitchen related. It just so happened that way. I don't usually set out to have a theme but I like it when it all relates anyway.

While I was waiting for one of the kids to come out of a meeting, I went across the street to the Goodwill and found this Orla Kiely canister which now holds my teas. I remember when these came out at Target and wished I had gotten the 3 piece set before they sold out. 97 cents was worth the wait. Even Jon thought it was cool.

Later that day I spotted an estate sale. You should never pass those up. Estate sales are usually way better than yard sales. There were a lot of things there but nothing that was of much interest to me; basically lots of collections of things I don't collect. But I did spy a folded up wooden piece. When I unfolded it, I realized it was a trivet. Love those unusual finds. They sold it to me for $1.00 and they gave Trae a Hershey's keychain. We both came away happy.

A while back as I was walking through my favorite antique mall I found this two-tiered tray and didn't hesitate. A faux bois pattern in matte gold for $3.00?? It was practically shouting my name. I bought some paper doilies and cut them to fit so it stays food-safe because who knows what type of finish is on it. I have to do some baking this weekend so it'll be full of desserts... for a minute or two.


Have a happy weekend!



  1. Great finds! I love thrifting!

  2. I love your finds. You have a gift.

  3. The faux bois stand is a major score! Love it. Now following

  4. Great finds! I would have snatched up that tray myself! Isn't finding cool things way more fun than just shopping??


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