Father's Day Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Every year we organize a scavenger hunt for Jon, combining little gifts with a fun-filled day of clues and destinations. This year it was almost stymied by him having to work so we just had to start later which unfortunately meant Blair would have to miss part of the day. She was heading to a birthday party complete with a bounce house and balloon animals - too good to pass up, and we were ok with that.

We introduced the day from the first note; "Let's start out with the most imortant meal of the day where you'll receive your clue and be on our way."

Clue #1
"Through the country we will go to get to the water's edge (or the G. McBride's) A little hike is good for the soul but you'll have to dig like a mole for clue #2 at the first bridge. A 'J' marks the spot."

This took him a few minutes to guess but he figured out it was the Conoy trail where we like to hike. BelĂ©n, Charley and I went out on Friday night with a shovel in hand to bury the clue. It looked a little suspicious that we had a shovel...
We ended up just moving some rocks and putting the clue in a baggie under the rocks. Things in baggies - a little suspicious too...good thing there were no cops around.

He searched for a while but it was actually Reese that noticed the "J" formed by a piece of wood and some rocks. Jon lifted the rocks and found the clue. We hiked the trail for about an hour before opening it.

Clue #2
"Now is the perfect time for a little treat. Just head up the street to a cool, little shop where our sweet, petite friend will give you clue #3."

He had no idea about this one so we gave him some hints. He guessed the only place on the street that served ice cream, Gigi's. It was reeally good. Old-tymie, serious over indulgance. We were the first ones there when it opened at 5 pm but then was swarmed right after. I guess it's the place to be in Bainbridge. So if you're in the area and want to go, get there early. The girl's friend, Jane, works there and we set it up to deliver the next clue.

Clue #3
"Let's pick up the pace and go on a race where even the kids can compete. Maverick & Goose said it best, "I feel the need for speed."

Jon was probably hoping that this was a flight of some sort because of the Top Gun reference but we told him (unfortunately) we were staying on the ground. He mulled it over and figured out we were going to do a little go-kart racing. So off we went to Adventure Sports near Hershey and they had a blast taking to the track. Reese was so happy he was able to drive by himself for the first time and Trae finally got to be a passenger. It was a long ride probably due to a few (3) crashes (ahem, no names).

There we gave him clue #4 which read:

"Head towards the smell of chocolate and there we will have a little lunch. Trae won't be worried because these bees don't sting very much."

Last week Trae man was stung twice so I figured he'd understand the reference. This took a few minutes as well and he guessed "Applebees" but we changed plans and went to The Pita Pit in our town instead. We ended the night by watching Monty Python's "The Holy Grail" that the kids got him.

It was perfect weather for a perfect day. Despite a few setbacks, including a pipe leak in the front yard, we just rolled with it and things always turn out. The kids love their dad a ton and this is a fun way they get to show him. I'm kinda fond of him too.

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