Teacher's gift/last day of school

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This past school year I was a co-room parent for both my 5th and 1st grader. Luckily the 5th grade teachers do most
of the activities so I didn't have to plan much. 1st grade on the other hand, requires more work for activities so the teachers give you an idea of what they want and then you run with it.

The 1st grade end of the year party theme was a camp out so we had a few activity stations. We made bug jars, had a fireside reading complete with inflatable flames and a camp out sticker picture activity. We served hot dogs, trail mix, fruit, vegetables and a drink. Our final activity was making 5 minute ice cream in a bag which was kind of hilarious watching 20 first graders run around outside and shake their bags of ice. You can imagine the chaos. A few got a little crazy and broke their bags but luckily I brought extras with ingredients.

The teacher gift presentation always puzzles me. What do they really want? I mean they know we're going to do something but do they worry they're going to get another "Best teacher" mug??

So for this teacher we had the kids fill out a little card about what they learned from 1st grade, one thing that they'll remember about the year and one thing they loved about their teacher. I put them in a little album which wasn't fancy. At first I was going to design an album and go all out but then I thought that this was from the kids, not me and it should reflect that. There is beauty in the simple nature of things, especially in the way kids write and draw.

Along with the cards we gave her a gift cerificate for a one hour massage which she reeaally liked.

After a few activities throughout the year that I helped with, I was tired out. And that was just once a month or so. I can only imagine the day to day process of wrangling 20 kids and trying to inspire them. So we felt that she needed a little pampering and took her reaction as getting it just right for her.

I don't know if I'll be able to volunteer in this way again but it was fun and Blair and Reese were so proud. Their approval was probably my favorite part.

And now for some cell phone pictures...

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