We were hoping to strike gold

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Last week I noticed a pretty little creek that sprung up in our front flower bed and trailed down the steps. Water was bubbling right next to the steps so we assumed there was a leak around so Jon started to dig. He dug a hole about 6 feet deep to repair it himself. The pipe was directly under the steps of course so he had to dig down and across. It literally took 9 hours but saved us over a thousand dollars. We were hoping to find gold or even something cool that fell out of the pocket from a builder a long time ago like on "If walls could talk" but all we found was the lousy pipe...

I shouldn't brag but the hubster has some strong arms and back. The water company guys were amazed that he dug it out himself. 

Just as he finished we went out back to hose off the shovels (and Jon since he looked like he had taken a mud bath.)
 I noticed the water pressure was low so I checked around hoping there wasn't another problem somewhere. Jon checked the garage and sure enough it was flooding. So now he gets to do more pipe repairs.  Luckily this time it won't require an archaeological dig.


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