What have I done??

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I think I just signed my life away...

A few weeks ago I received a job offer that I felt I could not pass up. It was a whirlwhind round of interviews. The first one went well the 2nd one I bombed but the 3rd one was ok. Each time when they asked about me and heard a little about my family, they got really serious and told me this was a "big job, a really big job."

And me not being much of a panicker, thought 'what's the big deal?? It's just retail.' Oh my gosh, I came home after a few days of training with numbers and technical reports and deadlines thrown at me and I was second guessing this whole thing. Jon had to talk me down a little. I guess it also didn't help that I've been on a heavy dose of steroids during this whole process but that's another story. ANYWAY, a good night's sleep and a talk with our family, making a game plan with them, really helped. I feel much better and excited to implement changes and ideas to see this store run well. We decided that since Mommy is going to be working hard out of the house to do that, we need to play just as hard when she's home. It'll just be one more week of chaos until I have a team fully in place and after that all should be good.

Enough about that. Is this weather just beautiful or what!? It's gettting me excited for fall and planting some color in the flower beds and seeing house projects to completion within the next month. On Friday night the stadium lights were beckoning me to come to the highschool so we all hopped in the car and watched  our team get beat, but whatever, it was just fun to be out. Football season is exciting for us at our casa. We even keep up with our high school alma mater, #1 in the state ya'll in both athletics and academics.

The new season for this family will be a fun one! Oh and I have new senior pictures to share. I'm not giving that job up. It was fun and I taught him how to "smeyes." It totally worked.

Fair moments

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The last week before school is our local fair so we made plans to go a few times. Blair also decided to enter a lego sculpture  which won her 4th place and a whole dollar! She was so happy she cried. She made a robot scientist. Not bad for thinking of it in the 11th hour and using leftover lego pieces.

Trae entered the potato sack race and was on his way to victory when he fell and came down on his elbow. I had to pick him up as he was crying in his potato sack. Poor guy. But he quickly got over it when I told him we could go to the petting zoo to hold the bunnies. While we were there the news channel filmed the kids and it was so funny. Trae put his face right into the camera. I'll post as soon as I get the video.

At the end of the week we watched the closing fireworks from our house which was so nice. We laid out blankets and the younger kids and neighbor friends just ran around the yard.

Good bye summer.