A little bit of latelys

Monday, July 15, 2013

We spent July 4th with friends, eating like it was Thanksgiving. I made hot-weather potato salad and chocolate chip shortbread with fresh berries. Luckily we had games like Bocce ball and 3 legged races to work off the food. It was ridiculously fun.


Nothing says summer like beautiful blooms. A few days ago I found an abandoned house with a gorgeoous Hydrangea bush. The people next door said it has been empty for a few years and that no one should care if I took some flowers. So I did. It needed to be cut back anyway so I look at it as doing the bank a favor. Now flowers are all over the house. I love it.

You know I have a thing for vintage school items. But I have too many so I need to part with them. Some maps and chairs are going up for sale. The maps are big and awesome school maps from 1950.

I went to my neighbor's surprise anniversary party thrown by their 11 and 5 year-old. It was actually really nice. The kids came over and invited us a few weeks before the party. I think they have futures as event planners. I'm surprised Blair and Trae didn't let the secret slip. They can't be trusted with info.


Our friends from Florida are coming to visit. We are excited. It's Jon's buddy from the military and his family. They are hilarious and Jon actually gets a day off to visit. He hasn't had a day off in over 3 weeks so we're making the most of it.


The kids and I have been spending many days at the Library. Blair is determined to earn a ticket to an amusement park for summer reading. Except the last time she just danced.