A late update on Thanksgiving and being uplifted

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I feel as if my life has been on hold since we have been gearing up for Black Friday at the store. A little insight on the madness...last week I worked 60 hours, the week before was 50 which has been the trend for a couple months now. If I hover around 45, I consider it a great week. This week is going great.

I've been through several holiday seasons in retail but never at the head of the planning and mapping out strategy for it. It was pretty tiring. By Sunday I couldn't think straight. But as we sat down as a family to our small and unassuming Thanksgiving dinner which was very brief since I had to be in the store at 8 pm, I was still very thankful. Originally we were to go out of town but then I took this job and that canceled our plans which was disappointing. But despite hectic schedules and less than ideal holiday plans, this family pulls together and no one complains. They could if they wanted to. We want the kids to be able to tell us how they wish things could be but they know that we try our best. And in the real world, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. The worst of the holiday season is over so now we can go into Christmas full steam soon as we get the tree, and put up the house lights, and send out cards, and go shopping...and...we'll get there eventually.

I hope your holiday season is joyous so far.

And one last thing, for all the bad you hear concerning humanity in the world, read this and be uplifted.