Giving it another go

Thursday, April 24, 2014

So I haven't been here in a while. I haven't been anywhere in a while, really. All I do is work it seems. Well that's not true. I was in Utah and Idaho last weekend to take my daughter out to college. Charley also came along which made it even more fun. We made it a whirlwind trip and did a lot of shopping to set her up at school while we were out there. Thank goodness for Ikea and their amazing prices.

While I was there I did a lot of thinking. I really needed that trip and time to go though the experience of seeing my baby spread her wings, so to speak. I also needed to see my dear friend Janet. She is the bomb. I'll have to tell you about her sometime.

But while I was there I really had to evaluate. Like I said, I work a lot. I know everyone is busy but I feel like I let my hours get completely out of control. Most of it is out of my control I guess when I work for a corporation that dictates the job of course. And since I like to keep the electricity going and food around the house, I keep working. I talk with other managers throughout our district and we laugh when something new comes up and ask if we missed the memo that told us to add 6 more hours to the work day. I know we all have dealt with that. But through it all I say, 'well at least I have a job.' And truly, the salary has helped immensely with all the hospital bills and now college tuition. But that's the problem. The level-headed part of me talks the other part of me off the cliff.

But while I was in Utah I was thinking about what I really want to do and how I am going to get there. This is something that I've been trying to figure out for 20 years now actually but other things took precedence. But Trae will be in school full-time next year so maybe it will be time to do that really new something. So I sat down this morning and tweaked my resume. Until I did that I hadn't realized that I have a decent work history so maybe something will come up? I'll just have to send it out and see.

I told BelĂ©n before I left her in Idaho to make sure she explored every opportunity in college and that it's ok to let her heart dictate a little bit about what she wants to do in life vs what she feel she should do... just my inner hippie talking.


  1. I just happened upon your blog.
    I read what you posted about your "words of wisdom" to Belen.
    I said VERY much the same to my sons when they started out of the nest. Yep, the "inner hippie" in me is always there and sometimes comes back in wonderful ways.
    All I KNOW is that the kids will be alright!

  2. It is funny that you say you say that you are looking for that thing that you really want to do. I feel that way often but I guess my time hasn't come yet. I wish you luck on your journey of discovery!


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