What's on my mind

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Oh my gosh, I am so bad at blogging these days. Time seems non existent. For blogging anyway. But here are the random thoughts going on in my mind...

THE salute seen 'round the world. Aren't there more important issues relevant today? I'm kind of worried about the rising cost of tuition, the scam that is student loans, mental health and our involvement in the middle east. The salute from a civilian President is not even necessary by the way. Reagan started it.

Don't you love it when you get a message from someone saying something that fills your heart with joy? And when you read it you are in awe because it was just the thing you needed and you know that friend didn't know you needed it? I LOVE that.

I'm so tired of mommy wars. I thought we were past that. Here's my advice: let's all just do our job no matter what it is we choose to do and quit trying to convince everyone it's the greatest job in the world. Let's just work hard and feel confident with a personal satisfaction of a job well done. Does it really matter what anyone else thinks? No.

I have a craft planned for the kids this weekend using leaves. I am so excited. I love Fall! I love the crunch under my feet when I walk on leaves and acorns. I can't resist bending down to pick up their beautiful little forms. At work when we are closing up, we do a bag inspection. And when I opened a pocket of my purse there were acorns in it. My lead associate said,
"Are those acorns??" and laughed and laughed.
Why yes, doesn't everyone collect them?

Jon and I were in Hilton Head for a few days visiting old friends from when we lived there. I had forgotten it was heaven on earth. I drove by the kids' old elementary school, our old house, had breakfast at the Squat n' Gobble, and met up with a few friends. We hit the beach early on one of our favorite, less touristy beaches. I was out in the ocean for hours just bobbing around. The surf is not crazy crashing like it is in the Northeast and the sand is soft and silk like. I just floated and let the waves slowly push me to shore. What a beautiful creation our oceans are.

On an unfamiliar but particularly rough day recently where I was feeling very sad, Blair said, "Look on the bright side, you still love us." No truer words were spoken. Usually in those situations one tends to think about how much they're loved so as not to feel all alone which is how one should think and know. However, her  words hit me so profoundly that I knew it was directed by the Spirit. I needed to remember that my capacity to love could stomp out the actions of others that cause me stress and fuel me to be a better human being. So with that I got to work. Inspired thinking from an 8 year it.

I finally bought spray paint for a quick lamp redo in Blair's room. I could totally be happy as a graffiti artist. Except that I can't draw. And my finger gets tired of holding down the spray nozzle... Ah vell.

I'm making cupcakes this weekend.

Did I mention I love Fall?? I could say that over and over.

Do you ever say a word over and over and then it loses its meaning?

I'm glad Clooney got married.

The end.