The tide is changing - update on dealing with depression

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I came home from work the other day and Charley said, "Mom, someone wants to see you..." and it was Belén, skype-ing all the way from college in Idaho. I am so thankful for technology! We sat and chatted and I told her funny things about work which she understood, having worked for me all last fall up until leaving for college. She told me all about school and the fun she's having, along with some of her more difficult days. With depression, you just never know when those down times will occur but she's hanging in there.

We had to be a little firm with the admin and ask that she have one on one counseling rather than the group counseling session she was placed in. We are not the type of parents to hover and to ever ask for exceptions for our kids. They know that if their teacher, whether in school or church, or coach of their team says that they need to get with the program, then they need to get with the program. I don't think we've ever run into a problem with a teacher. They know we aren't those parents who think our kids are the golden children. Those parents bug me.

But in this case, we knew they didn't know the severity of Belén's depression. We asked her to first do as they suggested and report back on how she felt. She tried the group session but it was a no go. The Dean's office staff said they are overwhelmed with counseling but the majority is dealing with homesickness and anxiety, which untreated can result in far worse problems, of course. We absolutely didn't mind finding a counselor off campus but after reviewing her file, they realized that working her in to a private session was best. That helped ease my mind a lot.

It's been a little over a year since our whole journey into the treatment for depression started. It's been a long road and will more than likely be a lifelong one. Hopefully gone are the days that one is viewed as flawed, lacking faith or just plain ridiculous when even everyday life is too much for some.
I think the tide is changing.