Supreme Court Decision - thoughts

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Because the tag line of this blog says 'a little of everything,' I had to comment on the historic decision by the Supreme Court, ruling in a 5 to 4 vote that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.
And my comment is that it doesn't bother me at all.

I could give a long explanation as to why a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, me, would support it but I won't do that because for me it's simple:
I want people to be happy. We were not meant to go it alone in life. And no one's marital status has an effect on my family, period.

What does have an effect on my family
is the economy of the United States and Congress' revolving door of lobbyists who are given special privileges and are allowed to make policy that ONLY benefit the companies they lobby for. That is what is detrimental to my family.

Opponents say that this decision will weaken the family. I say that companies who slash benefits, send jobs overseas, skirt around paying taxes and pollute the environment are weakening the family.

I could go on and on but you know where I am on it. Everyone deserves to live a good life in the way they've set out for themselves, that's where I am.

@Home Again - A shop in a co-op

Thursday, June 25, 2015

So a few months ago my friend Starr and I decided to open a little shop. We looked around for locations, mulled a few over, tossed around budget numbers and ultimately decided on opening a fairly large space inside a co-op rather than our own storefront for now. About 13 years ago I had a space inside a co-op in Utah. After working for an awesome interior designer, I felt that she had given me great inside info about how to start my own home accessories/vintage store and she really encouraged me to branch out. Not long after I began mine, my husband was transferred to Washington DC and I had to close out. Fast forward 13 years and I finally get to try it again!

We didn't go into this haphazardly, we really set goals and a vision of where we want to go with this which I'll address at some point because it may help if you're thinking of opening a shop. The market may seem saturated but there are ways of separating yourself from the crowd.

After frantically sourcing accessories and reworking/redoing furniture, we opened on April 1st and have stayed busy ever since. Its been a lot of work and so much fun, even with kids' chaotic schedules, family life and each of us holding down jobs outside of this venture as well. It truly is a partnership which I enjoy and appreciate so much.

We have a variety of new and vintage accessories and furniture and are constantly sourcing items. I try to really have one of a kinds. It doesn't surprise my husband when he opens the car door and finds another piece of furniture. Its amazing what you can fit inside of a Durango, like a 10 ft kayak. (That wasn't for the shop.) I do have a 1960's Drexel bar table in the back of my car right now, though. I couldn't pass it up after spying it at a thrift shop. A problem for me is that I mainly buy what I like and I want to keep just about everything. I also buy some things that are not my taste but I know someone would like it. Researching trends, antiques and guestimating what will be up and coming really is the fun of it I think.

I need to take some newer pictures but this gives you an idea of where we started. Lots more to come!

Getting ready to paint
Taken as we were setting up in late March. This is just a corner of the space. It's a little crowded now.

Have a great day,

A random snapshot of thoughts/happenings

Monday, June 8, 2015

So I said I was supposed to have all this time to get back to blogging...

Jon still lives in Arkansas and I don't, this is true. We'll be there over the summer so that will be a blast. We'll just go back and forth until we figure out what we want to do.

Charley graduated from high school last week! I am so happy for her to move on and discover what she really wants to do. So that's 2 down, 3 to go. Cliche or not, the time does go quickly.


A major spring cleaning mode has hit. While Jon was home last week, we cleaned most of the garage. Now I'm going through each bedroom and pulling out everything no one uses or plays with. I took two bags of kids' clothes to consign at a cute little shop in my town. She gave me 50 bucks right then. Sweeeet.

Baseball and soccer just ended...thankfully! I love that my kids are in sports, it was just a challenge to be at both games at the same time. I know to have a better plan for next year.

End of year school carnival

My friend Starr and I opened a little shop in a co-op on April 1st. It's been going well. We have been really busy since merchandise is turning over quickly and we hate to have an empty space. I still have a part time job as well as Starr so between the two, we have full-time jobs! I left my life sucking full time (corporate) job on March 1st and even though I'm just as busy but have less money, I enjoy this so much more and can schedule everything around my kids' schedules.

Starr and me with a load of barnwood 

I feel like doing more on instagram so if you want to peek in, find me at @lauramontgomery1, the shop is @athomeagain

I finally started reading "All the light we cannot see" I love to read but can never make the time. So this summer I'll sit lazily by the lake while the kids fish and read to my heart's content. (In between helping reel in a fish or two.)

Our back yard in Arkansas and the boys fishing

I've decided to really save up for a trip back to Japan. I want to take Jon to see my old mission stomping grounds, visit Buddhist temples, see old friends and have real sushi, udon, sukiyaki...we'll just eat our way around the country. I'd like to climb Mt. Fuji again too. It's going to be a slow savings.

Is it hypocritical of me to complain about people complaining on Facebook so much?
Probably, yes.

I sat and talked with my friend Jaime at a get together a week ago. She moved away last year. It filled my heart to just catch up face to face even if it was just an hour. Now if I could just do that with other friends who have moved, it would be most perfect.

Isn't it great, though, if you haven't seen your friend in a while and when you meet up again, you feel as if you just picked up right where you left off? I love that.