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Thursday, June 25, 2015

So a few months ago my friend Starr and I decided to open a little shop. We looked around for locations, mulled a few over, tossed around budget numbers and ultimately decided on opening a fairly large space inside a co-op rather than our own storefront for now. About 13 years ago I had a space inside a co-op in Utah. After working for an awesome interior designer, I felt that she had given me great inside info about how to start my own home accessories/vintage store and she really encouraged me to branch out. Not long after I began mine, my husband was transferred to Washington DC and I had to close out. Fast forward 13 years and I finally get to try it again!

We didn't go into this haphazardly, we really set goals and a vision of where we want to go with this which I'll address at some point because it may help if you're thinking of opening a shop. The market may seem saturated but there are ways of separating yourself from the crowd.

After frantically sourcing accessories and reworking/redoing furniture, we opened on April 1st and have stayed busy ever since. Its been a lot of work and so much fun, even with kids' chaotic schedules, family life and each of us holding down jobs outside of this venture as well. It truly is a partnership which I enjoy and appreciate so much.

We have a variety of new and vintage accessories and furniture and are constantly sourcing items. I try to really have one of a kinds. It doesn't surprise my husband when he opens the car door and finds another piece of furniture. Its amazing what you can fit inside of a Durango, like a 10 ft kayak. (That wasn't for the shop.) I do have a 1960's Drexel bar table in the back of my car right now, though. I couldn't pass it up after spying it at a thrift shop. A problem for me is that I mainly buy what I like and I want to keep just about everything. I also buy some things that are not my taste but I know someone would like it. Researching trends, antiques and guestimating what will be up and coming really is the fun of it I think.

I need to take some newer pictures but this gives you an idea of where we started. Lots more to come!

Getting ready to paint
Taken as we were setting up in late March. This is just a corner of the space. It's a little crowded now.

Have a great day,

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