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Friday, July 3, 2015

Despite the fact that flea markets and thrift stores are overpriced here, I was able to find a few things that left me feeling pretty good about my purchases. Even though we probably won't be living here very long, we don't want the house to look like squatters live here. So the first thing we purchased was a great, down-filled sofa off Craigslist and then found this massive clock at a church yard sale.

This cute little mid-century stool was a great buy. It just needs new fabric to give it a burst of life and a little Minwax stain pen for touch ups on the wood.

I found a large glass coffee table at a 2nd hand shop. The top is so large and heavy that it's still in the back of my car waiting for Jon to help me lift it. I'm painting the base to freshen it up with a new line of chalk paint. It's always nice to see what new products are out. We've used 3 different brands in the shop, and honestly, the only difference in them are price and array of colors.

Just the base
The leather side chair was a great find as well from another thrift store which may receive a coat of light gray paint. I haven't decided. Not everything needs to be painted but this may be a little too dull, especially with the yellow leather and the fact that we're drowning in brown.

And last but not least, I picked up this window from a flea market. I paid more than I wanted but liked the detail on it. I'm planning on a light white wash to marry the different types of wood but will still allow the natural wood to show.

So that is the round up this week. There are more but mainly just decorative items which don't need any rehab, thank goodness. So for all pieces, including the couch, we only spent $240.00. Not a bad start to furnish the living room.

Have a great 4th of July weekend to the USA and a great weekend the world over! :)


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  1. Love love love your window frame! Are you going to put mirror or photos in it?

    1. Thanks! I was just looking at it and wondering that myself, haha! I have one that I'm putting vinyl lettering on but it's one large window. This one I haven't decided on yet. We'll see!


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