Story telling on NPR - The Man in the Attic

Monday, July 6, 2015

For years I remember my mom always donating to public radio. She always made a pledge and would get some little gift in the mail. She'd have us listen to all kinds of interesting programs while driving around in the car, even if we did not quite understand the content.

As I got older, I really grew to love it and still look forward to many programs. And just like my mom, I have my kids listen to some of it and use the stories as teaching opportunities. I love it when I can tell that they are actually interested. Many stories you hear are not covered by mainstream media, which is one of the reasons I love NPR and one of the reasons everyone should be listening. Unlike the major networks, National Public Radio is not owned by large companies. There are about 6 major corporations that control 90% of what we read and hear. I think that makes it really difficult to do a completely honest piece about one of their subsidiaries. That's why we need a neutral place to listen to the news.

But it's not just all news and politics! They have great programs like The Best of Car Talk (reruns) which is hilarious! And I love Wait Wait Don't tell me! I have to go to one of their live shows someday. The Diane Rehm show always has great guests. All things Considered is wonderfully informative and Radiolab has great podcasts. World Cafe explores music of all kinds...I mean who else is going to bring you Elvis' epic concert, Blue Hawaii??  (Well, besides someone on YouTube.)
Anyway, I could go on and on.

So instead, if you haven't already heard this story, let me introduce you to
The Man In The Attic. I was driving home from work when I heard this and stayed in my car in the driveway so I could finish listening. It had me on the edge of my seat! Only 16 minutes, enjoy!


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