A little bouquet

Monday, September 28, 2015

My mind was filled with frustrations on Saturday and I knew I needed a good run to clear it. I'm not a fan of running. at all. But I push myself to do it anyway. If not for the obvious reasons of health and conditioning, I do it because of the effect the endorphins have on the brain, taking me out of my frustrated mental state. It's also a time where I usually have a good idea about work, which includes life at home.

I prefer the quiet country trail not far from my house where I can take in the beautiful scenery. In a few weeks the leaves, some that are as big as my face!, will turn color and put on a show that I look so forward to every year. I can't wait to hear the crunch under my feet as they carpet the trail. After my run, I circled back up a bit and picked wildflowers to make a little bouquet. They were just too good to pass up.

The best trail

Simple wildflowers in a blue vintage Ball jar

Hollywood regency inspiration

Friday, September 25, 2015

At the end of a long day, sitting down to read a good book or when chatting with friends, a comfortable chair beckons you. When looking over the choices from Chairish, an on-line shoppe dedicated to bringing you great designer pieces of pre-owned furniture and decor at reasonable prices, I chose the Hollywood Regency swivel chair as my favorite to create a style board around. Not only is the shape and style a classic but the color is also one of my favorites.

I didn't  have to look too far for color inspiration as some of the best color combinations are just right out our windows. Mother Nature makes this so easy on us. Even Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by her work.

image via

A simple breakdown:

While Hollywood Regency is associated with the glamorous era of the 1930s, I added a few pieces from other eras so the room wouldn't be so literal and I assumed that most of us aren't going to switch out a sofa very often so we have to work with what we have, which seems to be a sofa with clean, modern lines. 

The particular style of floor lamp tends to be seen often. I have a similar one as well! You could even spray paint the underside of the shade gold and the outside black to bring it in to the style era. And while many rooms of this type have white walls or saturated grays, moody black or wallpaper, I took a cue from Van Gogh and went with blue, Van Deusen blue to be exact. I think even a deeper shade would be just as spectacular.

The absence of artwork - Artwork is so personal. I range from displaying my kids' drawings, old photographs enlarged and vintage or thrift store finds. It's a mash up of just what I like with no real semblance of order or that fits into a specific genre so I left it out of this style board. I think whatever one has will work. Ultimately you have to enjoy looking at it everyday so it must be something that speaks to you. 

Some of these items are on the high end but can easily be duplicated to fit all budgets. I recently found a Hollywood Regency dresser at a thrift shop for mere dollars. But if you don't happen to find one from the era, painting an existing dresser black and switching out the hardware can give you what you may be looking for. 

Draperies can be expensive so I like to stick with something basic. I think it's great when curtains run in the same color as the wall so there's no stopping point for the eyes but again for me it's usually what is affordable. White curtains in black trim would be great here even though the walls are blue. This era was all about luxe, think velvet and silk. Accents in gold, black and white lacquer will finish off the room.

Hollywood regency was all about entertaining, so any space which is made to be inviting, while focusing on friends and family will give you great moments. Enjoy!

Go here to find Chairish's vintage accent chair collection!


Glass chandelier

Orb lighting

Floor lamp

Modern rug

Blue accent pillow

Beaded accent pillow

Striped throw pillow

Black buffet

Round table

Octagon table

White side table

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