In the blink of an eye they grow

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When Charley was born the nurse said, "Look at all that dark hair" but after she cleaned her up and brought her to me, the nurse said, "She's not dark haired, she's a blonde!" and handed her to me.

I cradled her in my arms, thinking about how good it felt to be resting with her and reviewing the past few hours of our journey together and how quickly she came into the world. I studied her face, taking note of the little bruise on her nose, and how she had the same stork bite I did. Her big eyes were dark and alert and then I noticed the coloring of her face. I thought that it looked more like my skin tone and then thought, "Wait a minute" and pulled back her cap. I knew it. Smiling, I whispered to her, "You're a red head."

Happy 20th!

A New Year

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!

It was a whirlwind of a year and ended up being a short, jam packed holiday season. I wish it would've been for more fun things but really it's because our outside jobs were keeping us a little busier than usual.

I was able to squeeze in making the famous Hernandez family tamales though. It just wouldn't be Christmas without them in this casa.

I hope the season was good to you and the New Year brings much happiness! I've got some fun things lined up for the shop this year, including a buying trip with my business partner. We're looking forward to that. We'll sniff out flea markets and thrift shops from here to Memphis!

Be back soon!