School pictures my way

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I love the school pictures that the kids bring home every year from school. Those backdrops and poses are kind of a right of passage, aren't they? I had some doozies - complete with the Dorothy Hamill hair cut and wide collared jacket! It was the 70's, that's my only defense.

What I don't love about school pics is the price however. It's a little high, especially when you have multiple kids' pictures to order. So I buy the bare minimum from school to save for posterity and take more myself.

These were for the fall. Spring portraits will be soon!

Chicks need a cute house

Sunday, April 2, 2017

I think it's time to bring back this craft I did 6 years ago!

These are egg dioramas that I made with a balloon and paper maché, kind of how you would make a pinata, only much smaller. After the balloon dried, I just cut a hole in the egg and outfitted their house with moss, and some little doll house items and embellished with crepe paper. The chandelier in the last picture is one of my earrings that I was keeping in hopes of finding the match but I never did, so it was re-purposed this way.

The kids loved them and they hung them off the light over the dining room table at Easter. While layering the paper strips, I added a wire so that they could easily be hung. I may even make some for the shop this time!

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