Quick craft - sewing pattern bows

Friday, December 2, 2011

When I wrapped up the hostess gifts for Thanksgiving, I forgot to tie on the best part - the bow made out of old patterns. I love making these. Easy, easy.

And since I didn't think about a tutorial, really, I'll just hit the main points but you can see it's not hard. at all.

1. Go get a pattern. They're between .25 - .49 cents at the Thrift shop and there are always a bunch so go nuts.

2. Lay out the pattern and cut a portion down to the size of the bow. I double folded mine for extra fluff and made it 9X12 inches.

3. Fold it accordion style, however narrow or thick you want each fold.

4. Pinch the center and tie with a pipe cleaner.

I just used what I had on hand which was a ribbon but a pipe cleaner (chenille stem) works much better so don't forget those while you're digging around for patterns at the Goodwill.

5. Trim the edges. Here I rounded it to make it more of a flower but you can cut it into a point or trim farther down on the sides to separate more of it.

6. Gently pull out the layers and twist a little to create your bow and there you go - easy, inexpensive and completely custom.
Then, your friends will ooh and ah at your creativity. And they may even call for the "bow woman" to help them out over the loudspeaker at a department store.


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  1. Very cool! Maybe one day I will get around to making these. It is definitely a perfect recycling project!

  2. Very cute! do you think you can make these out of tissue paper as well? I have never seen sewing patterns at my thrift shop. I am a new follower visiting from Today's Creative Blog. Vicky from Mess For Less

  3. Yes, Vicky - they will be great with regular tissue paper. What kind of thrift shop do you go to? Is it a well-known one (Sal Val, Goodwill) or another?


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