My favorite find story and antique shopping in TX - Part deux

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not far from my in-laws and located in the Texas Hill country is the quaint town of Comfort.

Along the way there on slow country roads you might spy a longhorn or two. It's always a treat to see them. I yelled when I spotted one which nearly made Jon stomp on the brakes. I tend to do that a lot which Jon politely tells me to stop doing when he's driving. It startles him and he says, "What, what??!" thinking there's going to be an accident or that we left a kid somewhere.

Comfort is known as an antiquing town. Which ever way you turn you'll run into some shops, all with interesting items, unique finds and artful displays. On our 3rd anniversary Jon and I stayed at the Comfort Commons B&B right in town.

Blackbird Antiques - more on that later!

Even a town's typical bank, library and cafe are not so typically done here.


This cafe, 7th Heaven, had the best tortilla soup I have ever tasted. The owner was so friendly and even opened up their shop (the pink bldg) for me to peek inside.

And yes, the burgers were that good. My kids kept slapping me on the arm to prove it.

Time only allotted us to go into a few stores and upon entering the first, I noticed a small table outside the door. Its heavy slate top immediately caught my eye. I made it a point to come back to see if the table was still there after we looked around the town a bit. It was originally $26.00 marked down to $20.00 but I got it for $17.50.
I knew it would be perfect for the patio and a place to park my pots I purchased at Garden Ridge. (Wow, tongue twister - alotta P's.)

Both of the larger pots were $9.99 each.
The smaller one with the bamboo pattern is vintage McCoy which I found at my local thrift shop for $1.99. I know, crazy good price.

And now for my favorite find story...
The reason the table was $17.50 is because when I went back to look at it, I spied a little chair on the other side of the entrance. You know me finding a child's chair = happy, right?

It hadn't been tagged yet so I asked how much it was and the friendly clerk said he was just marking it $26.50. I asked if that was firm and he said it was since it had just come in. So that's when I asked what his firm price was on the table. He told me to hold on while he asked the boss and came back and said he would give me both pieces for $35.00 total.

And then guess what happened?

I ran back to the cafe where Jon and the kids were finishing up their lunch in the beautiful 80 degree weather and told him it would be easier to drive by the shop on the way out and load the stuff into the trailer rather than carrying it back to the car. major run-on sentence but I get like that when I am excited...
So we did and we were finally on our way back to PA.
A little while later I pulled out my new magazine and began thumbing through it.

AND what did I spot on a page showcasing furniture designer Bob Williams house??

My chair.
Right there. right. there.

And then I yelled and startled Jon again.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Girl, you are too funny! Love how you can paint a picture with words. That's not easy either! Sounds like you all have a great day in Comfort. Love the finds & good for you on the haggling there! So glad you all had so much fun!


  2. I think that table and your bundling/bargaining skills are Slap Your Momma good!

  3. That chair is so cool! Great finds on everything, but I'm partial to the $1.99 McCoy planter.

  4. I remember passing through Comfort a few times but never stopping to check it out. Now I'll have to go back and spend some time there. How was Garden Ridge? Was it everything you dreamed it would be.

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that chair!! You were right! That is to die for. And how cool that you saw it in a magazine right after! That place looks amazing too.

    ♥ Amber
    Silver Lining

    P.S. I'm following now!

  6. Good for you...Jackpot finds !!!

  7. Oh fabulous finds! Love that chair!

    Flora Doora

  8. Fabulous chair.Sigh...she said while turning green with envy!Enjoy.

  9. I am just now catching up on blog reading and I have missed a whole lot! I loved your recent thoughts and finds. The pyrex bowl really caught my eye. I gotta say that yellow is turning into one of my favorite colors!

  10. Oohhh!! That chair is SO cute! Im a sucker for children's furniture too..
    btw, great blog too! Im definitely going to be a devoted follower!


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